Stephen Harris

My imagination is sparked very easily, without exaggeration, I can explode a tiny flame into an infinite array of ideas.

Regarded as a 'factory of ideas' by many, I’m a fast-thinking visual storyteller with a creative imagination and a solid understanding of story, art, direction and design. With experience working in extremely fast-paced environments and consistently developing new and unorthodox ideas, I craft stories that leave lasting impressions. I've developed commercials for Amazon, crafted stories for Cartier, designed stages for David Guetta, storyboarded for Matthew Vaughn and sketched ideas for Norman Foster. Speed is now second nature, and immense pressure has become the normality. I think conceptually, crafting narratives that leave lasting impressions - taking ideas, creating unique stories and seeing them through to completion.

I'm always ready to go to the next level, to touch boundaries that are still untouched, to reach new heights where normality doesn't venture.