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Storyboarding, illustration, concept art and visualisation.


Represented by the British Film Designers Guild and Kays Publishing, Stephen Harris is a storyboard artist based in South Yorkshire, UK. He has collaborated closely with directors, producers and VFX supervisors to create storyboards for feature films, television productions and animations. Stephen is a traditionally trained artist but can work in various mediums to suit the clients' demands. He can sketch fast thumbnails on location, or create highly detailed boards for shooting and pitching. Stephen has a particular knack for drawing people and has a solid understanding of form, anatomy, expression and emotion.


Having worked on major film productions such as The King’s Man (Matthew Vaughn) and Edmund The Magnificent (Ben Ockrent) to storyboarding animated television series’ for Cartoon Network, he has a thorough understanding of the full production process, and the ability to adapt to various styles. Stephen has collaborated with studios such as MARV Productions, Cartoon Network, Blue-Zoo Animation, BBC, Apple and Turner Broadcasting. He is based in South Yorkshire but often works on location.


For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: stephen@mrharris.net



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